OnLive Android App Passes 50k Installs, iOS Version Stuck in Apple Approval Limbo

Since bringing console quality gaming to your favorite ‘Droid exactly one week ago, the app has gone on to rack up a brisk 50,000 installs. Using remote data centers to run the actual game software itself, OnLive’s video game streaming service allows even the most modest of hardware to handle the most technologically advanced of software. Like Deus Ex. Man, that’s a cool game! Get it in the Android Market.

As for the user’s of Apple’s iOS devices? Well, if you’re a iDevice guy, you know what’s going on. calls out “hints” that the OnLive app for iOS is stuck in that ‘will they/won’t they’ alternate dimension known as the Apple Approval Process. As is the case with the many revolutionary apps who skirt a little too close to Apple’s bread and butter, there is no known release date at this time.

Still don’t believe? Here’s a video of the graphic powerhouse Dirt 3 in the OnLive app side loaded into the $200 Kindle Fire :

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