10 Tips, Cheats, and Strategies for Heroes of Neverwinter


D&D has arrived on Facebook with Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter! This strategy RPG reimagines AOL’s classic online experience based on the beloved ‘Gold Box’ games of yesteryear and updates it to the new 4th edition rule set. We here at Growing Up Otaku have collected some of our favorite tips for getting the most out of your dungeon plunge.

Repeat quests with an XP reward: Neverdeath, The Kobold Menace, and Goblins in the Woods are easy, low level quests that serve up an extra 100xp when completed. Every time.

Use character slots: You begin with 2 available character slots. Utilizing both will not only give you another character to play while your energy recharges but your daily stipend for logging in totals the levels of all your characters.

Crossbows for all: Everyone can use a crossbow. There is no excuse not to carry at least the cheapest one for when your character comes up a square to two short of its target. Except for mages who can Magic Missile at will.

Pick on the little guy: That critter with 1hp can still do damage every turn, be buffed by magic users, and provide stronger enemies with a combat advantage bonus. Take out weak enemies first.

Move Then Attack: Don't just click on the enemy and pick a melee attack from across the room. Position your character first to gain the most from cover, combat advantage, and to leave room for more characters to surround the opposition.

Heal between encounters: While healing in combat is great, you can only do it once per combat encounter and sometimes you just won't need it. Once you've cleared a room use the end turn button to cycle to your cleric and use your available heal spells to top off any characters who are a few points low. Use it or loose it! You also have free use of your feats and spells in empty rooms. Use them to freshen up before a fight or save it and return to the room later after exploring a side path.

Move-Fire-Move: A well placed shot can change the course of battle. If you need to get in a crucial spell or ranged attack but can't afford to leave your character exposed afterwards, use movement feats like Fey Step or Dash after attacking to get them back behind cover.

Take advantage: Even if a character has just polished off his opponent, move him adjacent to another. Look at the initiative bar at the bottom of the screen to see who is going to be acting next. Properly timed, even a doomed character can give your rogue the extra oomph needed for a killing blow.

Stunned but not out: Some personal abilities, such as Fey Step, work even when stunned.

Stare at your chest: Rewards for achievements go to the Chest of Wonders in your house. While gold and Astral Diamonds are universal across all characters, equipable items are not. Make sure you are logged in as the proper character before taking item rewards.

What does bloodied mean? Bloodied means that the character is below 50% of its total HP. This odd term is important for a number of skills and not explained in the game.

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  1. So far, area effect spells don't impact allies, only the enemy. As such, I've dropped acid arrow, shocking sphere, fireball, etc. in the middle of allies and monsters alike and only the monsters take damage.

  2. I could swear I acid arrowed my own guys in the beginning. Maybe this got changed in an update (or I just screwed up :) Thanks for the head's up!

  3. always have an eladrin rogue with dash and the +5 attack bonus on your team. traps can be nasty, so they can handle them, and dash and the eladrin fey step means you can sometimes move across the damn map to get to a boss and use the stunning attack on them (EXTREMELY useful).

    also recommend 2 clerics, and a wizard (sorry but fighters are just useless meatshields).

    use clerics cascade of light (i think thats the one that makes them vulnerable to extra damage) right before doing a damage over time attack (like the wizards acid attack or some of the rogues attacks).