The Pride of Growing Up Otaku

2011-10-03 Chloe Hicks“Look Pop-Pop! Podcast!”

Fresh off the nightly scramble to clean up the Dinner Disaster Area before bath time, I wiped my hands dry on my pants and cocked an eyebrow at BG where she sat on the Mrs.’ lap. The glow of a laptop illuminated their faces in the fading sunset. Both girls were all smiles and nodding at me. Wiping a wayward cluster of soap bubbles from my hair I cooked up an appropriately witty rejoinder.


“Podcast, Pop-Pop!”

Now, it’s not that Chloe doesn’t know what a podcast is. On the contrary, she has indulged me in several episodes of baby safe fare such as Buzz Out Loud or Wired’s Gadget Lab over the years. I couldn’t imagine either of the girls seeking out such entertainment during what is traditionally a time reserved for Elmo on YouTube. I also had never heard her say the word podcast before.

Intrigued I crept closer and looked over the giggling girls heads. Sure enough, Sesame Street has a podcast.

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