Growing Up Otaku: Epilogue: Page 1

Baby Girl is going “home”.

What do I do here? Blissfully look back and shed a tear; Rant and rage; Post ultimatums; Slander everyone involved from her inhuman parents to the rubber stamp hicks in the pan handle “working” this case? Folks in central Florida are shocked this case even went to visitation. Maybe I should just breathe a sigh of relief and get my stuff back out of the garage. Do I even still have stuff in the garage? It’s not like I didn’t spend the first half of her life expecting her to be returned anyway.

So… What do I do?

I could dump it all out on the ‘Net, Wikileaks style. God knows the Mrs.’ and I have over documented everything, complete with photos and video. I have it all, who did what, who didn’t do what, names, dates, phone numbers, email addresses. The whole damned lazy, apathetic Big Bend pyramid scam. Farm out child welfare to the company that cashes in on the classes and tests needed to get your kids back. Smooth, Florida.

That won’t help. Always thought about doing that through the years. Didn’t want to drag the in-laws names through the mud. Didn’t seem like my place. That was before they were taking my first non-born daughter away… My one month old little Baby Boo, practically dropped on my doorstep. No one else could even be bothered to take care of her. Poor little thing got left with Grandpop whom had never held a baby, let alone changed a diaper. LOL, we’ve come a long way from those first angry, panicky Tweets! That kid got lucky Grandpop turned out of be some kind of mutant Super Dad.

Guess I’ll just do as I always do. Just put one foot in front of another, trying to be the best man I can. Its all any of us can do. Unless you’re a douchebag. It’s not quite over yet anyway. There’s another court hearing (isn’t there always) in December. Just another rubber stamp to make sure Chloe is still alive (seems to be the only criteria). Then Baby Callie comes home from his parents. She’s the one they hurt. Chloe’s just… collateral damage. Still, when you bust up a 6 month old, how can you be expected to handle a 2 year old Terror Tot?

So, we keep on going. I know Liz is damn sure not done. Something tells me I’ve got a whole lot more babysitting coming my way too. And even if we are done, that’s okay. We learn; We grow; We adapt. Supposedly there’s gonna be a therapist to help BG, but seeing as how her parents can’t even get her to a doctor… BG will learn to deal with her new old parents. She’ll come to terms. She’s always been one tough, driven, lil’ rugrat.

Funny, I always envisioned this post. Growing Up Otaku: The Final Page. Ya know, like this one. I guess it’s as true now as it was then. Except we have higher ratings now. Ba-dum-bum.

It seems today the answer is: We’re not done. We’re just changing. Again.

Good thing, too. I’ve got this review of a truly awful iPad game I’m holding for next week: “Guard the earth”. Their capitalization, not mine. So… tune in next time.

Chin up! We love you. It’s a waste to feel any other way. Unless you’re Sony. Sony can go suck a lemon.


  1. Fun Fact: I really wanted to post the Bioshock 2 intro. I don't think any other piece of media really conveys the feeling.

    I didn't because it's way into the Mature Content area there and, as I've said, we run a PG rated show. Also far took geeky for anyone who reached the bottom of this post, LOL.

    Still, any chance I have to drag out Ask Grandpop ;)

  2. God. I'm sorry. Sending best wishes to both babies. I hope that you will be able to keep in touch with her, or maybe the grandmother who was taking care of her sibling? So that someone can actually keep an eye on them, since the state wasn't? What a tough year. Hope you guys are holding up all right.

    (amy from facebook)

  3. Thanks, Amy. It's... devastating. I was able to see all the girls for less than 5 minutes tonight when their mom was picking up some medicine. The 2 youngest ones look pretty shell-shocked, but they were all clean and intact.