FEAR 3 DRM Fail Captured Live via OnLive

What you see below is dozens of gamers collectively yelling “WTF?!” at their televisions and computer monitors as Warner Brothers’ always online DRM servers go down.

FEAR 3 DRM failAs part of their Halloween promotion cloud gaming service OnLive offered free 3 day rentals on a number of titles, one of which being F.E.A.R. 3. Sunday night at around 7:15 PM EDT, every game of WB’s horror shooter on the service came to a screeching halt as gamers were dropped back to the title screen with a message “No connection to matchmaking server”. Competitive, co-op, and, shockingly, solo gamers alike were left hanging.

The above screenshot was captured using OnLive’s Arena mode which allows spectating of games in progress. In this case, it also allows spectating of draconian copy protection measures that hurt their customers, even the ones playing an uncopyable version of their product.

The outage lasted a mere 20 minutes, but the messages is clear: “Do not adjust you television sets. We are in control”.

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