Growing Up Otaku Digest: September 2011

GUO DigestLots of great stuff this month! Let’s take a moment to smell the ashes and look back over some of our favorites and yours from the sultry siren of September.

We cover a LOT of topics here at GUO. According to everything I’ve read about blogging, this is known as ‘doing it wrong’. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’m guessing it has something to do with why writing the Digest is such a pain. Anywho, I’m gonna try to have a go at making this wrap up a little easier to write because the Mrs. won’t let me kill this feature. We’re going to start here with this. Just a quick chat about GUO and whatever the heck else I feel like. Ya know, similar to the State of the Blog and State of the Homestead Addresses I’ve done.

Well, that didn’t work out too well. I just wrote a whole bunch of babble about why we cover the games we do and then decided to snip it for a whole ‘nother blog article. Bah! Whatever. The nine of you who check out the digest are used to me rambling anyway Winking smile

Let’s see… How ‘bout the top five stories by page view from last month!

Most Popular Posts for September 2011

And then maybe we try to bring order to chaos and sort this stuff:

Anime and Manga




Cool Stuff

…And The Rest

Whew! Not much less work, but maybe a easier to Digest. Get it? See what I did thar? Because the name… Bah, you don’t know funny!

If you like what we do here and you’re looking to pick up something form, consider using our link over in the sidebar. You pay the same price, and we skim a few cents off of Amazon to help pay the bills. That new $80 Kindle looks perfect if you’ve been on the fence about getting an ebook reader, but I’d stay away from the Kindle Fire Tablet. In spite of all the Internet buzz, you do not want to be an early adopter of that thing.

So, there’s a sample of what’s still relevant from September of 2011. We posted nearly 60 articles in September including our deals and the random grab bag I like to call Late Night Leftovers. October is sure to bring big changes as BG is scheduled for reunification with her birth parents thus depriving us of GUO’s mascot, muse, and founder. Your feedback is very much appreciated as we struggle to find our way through this Web of a World while Growing Up Otaku.

Thanks for reading!

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