Fancy Designing Our New Blog Banner?

I’ve been thinking about a new blog banner for a while now. I’d like a character that is unique to Growing Up Otaku. After several tries I’ve only confirmed what I already knew: Me not so good wif artsy things. Crowdsourcing to the rescue?


giant_torayan_4_largeHere’s what I’m thinking: Gotta keep the giant fire breathing robot baby. No two ways about it. I love the Giant Torayan design that we are using now: round, fat, cute. The only problem with Torayan is that I only have a few pictures of it and none of those are at a very high resolution. I also want to offer merchandise from some custom printing site. While I don’t expect to actually make any money on merch , the Mrs’ & I would like, at least, some t-shirts Winking smile As I don’t have rights to either the Torayan or the photos of it, this could be a sticky issue using our current banner image.blogbanner

I love what Google did with their kaiju theme for iGoogle. I could to see this working as Torayan sitting there stacking the buildings up like blocks. That’d be awesome!

kaiju igoogle

My current banner is 975w and 193h. Which sounds kinda… wrong Sad smile I’m not exactly a web designer. I just blundered into this looking for help about baby poop. It will vary with the template, too. I guess 1000x200 is in the same ballpark. I Google’s is much bigger (1120x230 after cropping from screenshot). Doesn’t matter that much. I’m familiar with image editing and can push, pull, and chop as needed.

Here are a few pics I found on Deviant Art of robot babies (baby robots?) that I liked. Not much to choose from.

1200x1500_5261_Customized_3d_robot_cute_child_kid_android_baby_room_futurism_sci_fi_picture_image_digital_artPortal_Baby_Robot_by_Pinkushitsugrundo_robot_babyI definitely need it clean. I need the space for text (either side, don’t care). An additional version with text would be swell, but not required. I am leaning toward our new slogan/subtitle as being “All Ages. All Interests. All Geeks.” This will replace “Fanboy vs Fatherhood”. That may change in the future, hence the need for a clean version.

An avatar sized image of the character would be great as well. Again, no biggie. I can crop.

Compensation? I dunno, whadya want? In the past year GUO has made $6 ($3.50 of which I’m never going to see, and the rest I have yet to see) and cost me about $50. Want the first GUO t-shirt or coffee mug? I’ll foot the bill. Eternal gratitude? You already have that by visitingSmile

Great pitch, huh? Interested? Feel free to contact me, Mike Krutzler,  via email at or drop a line in the comments.

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