Nom Nom Nom and Eat Up All the Hello Kitty!

Man, my girls sure do love themselves some Hello Kitty! BG’s been bragging about her new Hello Kitty socks all week and I recently had to talk the Mrs. out of a Hello Kitty DS case that wouldn’t fit her old fatty system. If only I had a small factory that could crank out new H. Kit (yo!) merch every day. The Mrs. still isn’t ready to spring for a 3D printer, so that’s out. Hmm…

Hello Kitty ToasterAh ha! Behold the Hello Kitty toaster!

For an initial investment of $20 at Target, I can serve up an endless supply of hot and tasty Sanrio inspired merchandise on a daily basis!

Considering the punchline for all of BG’s jokes these days is “I eat it!”, this should be a hit.

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