iOS5 Upgrade Incoming! This is a VERY Good Time to Backup Your iPhone or iPad!

The installation of a new operating system is a traumatic event for all devices. When said device contains your loved ones phone numbers, email address, birthdays, and Angry Birds high scores, the stakes are even higher. iOS 5 is scheduled to be released  on Wednesday, October 12th. Now is an excellent opportunity to make sure that your iDevice is synched and backed up should the worst happen.

itunes backupBy default, your device should backup every time it synchs. Simply connect it to a PC using iTunes and watch the status bar at the top. The first step should show “Backing up”. If you do not see your device backup, right click it in the left column and select backup.

You can check the date of your last backup by selecting Edit/Preferences, Devices tab.

itunes backup 2

If you have a jailbroken or modified device and a newer version of iTunes, you may not have the option to do backups at all (Thanks, Apple…). Check this article for a fix to re-enable backups.

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