Tickled Pink to Celebrate the 25th National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

tetsu-jin-28-pinksmall_web_logoNational Breast Cancer Awareness Month organization (NBCAM) is celebrating 25 years of nagging you to get a mammogram this year! GUO has decided to crash the party and give ‘em a hand. We’ve lit up our giant, fire breathing, robot baby overlord in a flattering shade of pink and bolted on some pretty ribbons for the month of October to help you remember to get your mammogram done and nag everyone you know to do the same.

Be sure to check out NBCAM.org for patient services, disease information and more. And get a mammogram. It is easier and takes less time than that hatchet job of a Photoshopping I did on the blog banner. Man, I hate the new versions of Photoshop. Everything’s in the wrong place! Think I’m going back to using Gimp. Huh? This thing still on? Aw, sh-

Mammogram! Get you some!


  1. September is Prostate Cancer Month.

    CDC Stats: Prostate Cancer affects 156.9 per 100,000. Breast Cancer affects 120.4 per 100,000.

    Last Year the U.S. spent $390M for Prostate Cancer research, $699M for Breast Cancer research.

    Men can get Breast Cancer.
    Women cannot get Prostate Cancer.

  2. I wasn't aware that cancer awareness was a pissing contest.