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Fractale is an intriguing short-lived social science fiction anime series that has caught my attention.  This 11 episode series, originally created in a manga called Mandelbrot Engine, aired in Japan from January 2011 to April 2011.

The artwork is very attractive with beautiful colors and lovely green meadows and pastoral scenes as well as the psychedelic fractals that appear throughout the series.

Fractale does not have many episodes and may not have been well received, but it carries an important message in it's tale. The story follows a young boy named Clain raised in a futuristic Ireland ruled by the "Fractale System".  In this society each person lives in their own holographic world free of interaction with other humans.  Their every need is attended to individually by their personal holograms.  Clain lives in a home with holograms of his parents who look after him just like real parents would.  When Clain asks his parents, why they do not live with him, they tell him that this would be wrong as they would not be free to follow their own personal pursuits and development.

The series takes us on a journey through this world where the secrets of the "Fractale System" are revealed.  We are introduced to the Lost Millennium , a group of people  that  are rebelling against the "Fractale System"  in favor of a more natural society where people interact directly with each other and they do things for themselves rather than having robot-holograms do it for them.  This part of the world has a steampunk feel to it with airships and machinery.

Clain is curious about the past and very interested in antiques and old fashioned items that existed before the "Fractale System". One day he meets a mysterious girl named Phryne and she disappears after leaving him a pendant containing data.  Clain is very clever with computers and manages to activate the data in the pendant and a strange, playful, holographic girl appears named Nessa.

Nessa brings a joyful contrast to several of the characters in this series.  She is full of life and is not like the other computer generated characters we see in this show.  She is much more than a mere robot.  Nessa's playful, carefree personality complements Clain's more serious attitude to life. He is questioning his lifestyle in the "Fractale System" and what he has been taught by this society. Both of these characters bring a nice warmth to this show. Nessa also contrasts Phryne who is connected to the Temple for the"Fractal System".  Phryne is a mysterious and closed person.  She seems to have many secrets and one of them is how Phryne is connected to Nessa.

Fractale asks the questions "When technology becomes more convenient than real human interaction, what are we losing?" "What is the price of a lifestyle controlled by techology?"

The subtitled version of Fractale is currently streaming for free on The complete series with both Japanese and English audio is available in a limited edition DVD/Blu-Ray box set from .

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