Humble Indie Bundle 3 for Android (and Mac, PC, Linux) Expands to 9 Games

humble bundle android 3The Humble Bundle is back with another amazing deal. The Humble Bundle for Android 3 has just announced it’s bonus games bringing the total to an astounding nine titles for less than $7 (as of right now. My ‘now’, not your ‘now’).

Don’t let the ‘for Android’ part scare you off! You’ll get all these great titles not just for your smartphone or tablet, but for various flavors of desktops too.

The basic bundle still let’s you name your own price and gives you four titles: Tower defense forerunner Fieldrunners; Musical runner Bit.Trip.Beat, puzzler SpaceChem, and hacker simulator Uplink. If you pay more than the average ($6.34 at the time of writing), you’ll unlock bonus title Sprits in addition to all of the great games from the original Humble Bundle for Android (World of Goo, Osmos, Anomaly, and Edge). Need more? Geez, you really are a hard sell, ain’t ya! Fine, you’ll also get the soundtracks to all of these games in both MP3 and FLAC lossless formats.

Head on over to to support independent game developers, donate to charity, and name your own price for nine great games.

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