NASA Live Streaming Today’s Spacewalk on ISS–Update: Becomes 3rd Longest Spacewalk

Forgive the lack of blah, blah, but I gotta get this up! Here is a live stream of NASA fixing the ISS:

Streaming video by Ustream


Low bandwidth and mobile users can watch via this link.

The spacewalk is now over, but the stream is still live with a press conference scheduled for 5:45 EDT.

UPDATE: Wow, whoever thought we’d end up watching one of the longest spacewalks ever: 8 hours 17 minutes! This makes the record books as the 3rd longest spacewalk. Most of that time was spent trying to install a stubborn bolt. Thank you stupid sticky bolt! At least those astronauts got their names in the records for all the grief they put up with today. To quote Houston, “You guys are rock stars!”

The longest spacewalk was 8 hours and 56 minutes, performed by Susan J. Helms and James S. Voss on March 11, 2001 – Wikipedia


  1. Sure, mission control is fascinating. Now switch back to the spacesuit helmet cam!

  2. Man, that sure isn't going well.

    I don't mean to come off sexist, but it's a little strange to hear a female voice on a NASA video. Not bad, just unexpected. It truly is a brave new world!

  3. Aki Hoshide's first spacewalk and he ends up on this 8+ hr. nightmare. Trial by fire indeed!