Rebuild a City Shattered by Zombie Armageddon on Your Browser, iPhone, iPad, or Android

rebuild2-1What?! I need to have this report on your desk by when? Well… Well that sounds like a problem for Future Me. It’s Friday and I have better things to do. Like struggling to rebuild society in the wake of a zombie apocalypse!

Rebuild is a turn based strategy game that tasks you with the rebuilding society in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Tasked with managing housing, morale, and ever shrinking food stocks, you’ll assign your ragged group tasks such as scavenging for supplies, clearing out zombies, or searching for more survivors. Your goal is to expand the barricade of your walled off city block by block while dealing with local traders, gangs, illness, and, of course, the zombie horde.

rebuild2-2Rebuild provides a stunning zombie movie atmosphere with great writing (special kudos for allowing swearing to be toggled off and on!), a licensed soundtrack from The Talking Book, and slick, graphic novel style zombie art. Random events, multiple endings, and a random map generator make Rebuild 2 a brains-tastic look at horror in a genre that usually gets little zombie love. Turn up the difficulty for best results.

You can play Rebuild 2 for free using any Flash capable browser at Armor Games. iOS and Android versions are available for your favorite portable devices at a way-too-cheap price of $3.

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