This is Sand–Doodling and Dreaming in the Browser

Alright, it’s Friday and those new user IDs aren’t going to create themselves. Or are they? Hmm. This calls for Science! Let’s just leave those accounts there for a while and see if they really do create themselves. For Science!

So, what to do in the meantime? Hows about unleashing our inner artist? At the beach! In color!
From the blog of is a website for play. It changes the pixels on the screen into digital sand that can be used as building material for cosmic landscapes, Clemens-style sand paintings, mandalas and so on.”
sand artControls couldn’t be easier. M mutes the sound. Hit C to bring up a pallet picker. Click and drag to pours pixels. Click on the square in the upper left to open directions and to save your creation to the gallery.

In no time you’ll have a wonderful bit of art like me. Or hopefully better. We’ve all seen my idea of art before. Anyway, you can browse ThisIsSand’s online gallery yourself for much better examples.

ThisIsSand runs in a browser window without the need of an install courtesy of our old, frequently pronounced dead, friend, Adobe Flash. Check it out.

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