UbiSoft Launches New Uplay Online Store with 4 Days of $1 Games and 75% Off Sale

rabbid_cash_balance_smFollowing game developers like Valve, Stardock, and EA, UbiSoft has just launched their own digital storefront. Using the same name as their years-old DRM/social hub, Uplay is hoping to entice customers to install yet another shopping/digital rights management app onto their PCs with a sure fire enticement: $1 games.

Starting right now and continuing for the next three days, Uplay is offering up a different daily title for just a buck. Today you can get near-future flight sim Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.® Deluxe Edition (Yeah, I just actually typed all that out. Sheesh!) The next few days will bring God game From Dust, hardcore WWII submarine sim Silent Hunter 5, and crazy body swapping racer Driver San Francisco (Really? Not D.R.I.V.E.R.?).

Uplay is already distinguishing itself as different from the competition by offering this deal to more regions than North America. Yessir, even our friends across Europe can log in a get these titles for a single piece of local currency.

The new Uplay application supports re-downloading your games on demand, online chat, friends lists, and cloud storage for your save games in addition to the Uplay rewards program already present in Ubi’s multiplatform titles. Oh, and there’s a storefront for you to blow your paycheck on as well. Ah, Trojan game clients. Gotta loathe ‘em.

The installer weighs in at 24MB and if you’ve played any of Ubi’s Uplay enabled titles over the past couple of years, you already have an account. Get signed in and downloading at uplay.ubi.com.

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