Deal: iPhone JRPG Adventure Bar Story is Free Today

adventure bar story ipadLooking for a good Japanese RPG for your iOS device to curl up with with over the weekend? Boy, are you in luck! Adventure Bar Story is now on sale for the low, low price for free (down from the very worthwhile cost of $3).

This is a full featured RPG ported from the PSP with a neat twist. Rather than saving the world, you’re out to save your sister’s tavern from a hostile takeover. During the day, you’ll venture forth slashing up monsters in search of ingredients. In the evening, you’ll take all those tasty monster parts and mix them together to make the tavern’s products to sell the next day. You’ll also need to save a few dishes for yourself and your companions as character progression is tied to the food you cook and eat.

adventure bar story battle ipadI’ve spent a good deal of time with this one over the past several months and while it never quite lives up to the full potential of its concepts, it is an enjoyable romp with very nice 2D artwork. The game doesn’t have native iPad support but, aside from an oversized virtual button, looks great on Apple’s tablet.

No required in-app purchases and a 40 hour RPG for free? Get it now on iTunes.

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