Lian Li’s Newest PC Case is a Steam-Puffing, Track-Traveling Choo-Choo!

The advent of home theater PCs have pushed desktop computers to smaller, more discreet form factors designed to be easily hidden from sight. And I hate it! It should come as little surprise that the computerized backbone of the GUO homestead consists of shining aluminum twin towers racked out with glowing dials, LED strips, and foot high windows revealing black lit interiors crammed full of UV reactive cable sleeving. Having survived the 90s era a boring, beige mini-towers, I love a flashy desktop computer. While I am used to being struck speechless with awe on what some intrepid DIYers have for their PC cases, this may be the first time a retail product has left me a stammering idiot full of e-peen envy.

Famed PC enclosure maker Lian Li is showing off two variants of its upcoming (and unoriginally named) PC-CK101 desktop PC case. And it’s a choo-choo train!


The PC-CK101 case is built for mini-ITC motherboards and has just enough space for two hard drives, one 3.5” and one 2.5”. The system is cooled by a 120mm fan and includes a 300w power supply. Two variants will be available. The stationary model pictured above is stunning enough, but just wait till you see what the deluxe version does:

Both models are coming “soon” with an expected retail price of $229/£160 for the stationary version and £265/$379 for the moving one. If you’re feeling lucky, Lian Li is holding a contest over on their Facebook page for a chance to win one. As for myself, I’m off to find the Mrs’ credit card. She’s been really good at hiding it ever since I preordered that battlemech.


  1. OMG don't let Brandon see this he LOVES trains. I can see his Christmas wish list already!

  2. I like TRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

  3. 'Discreet'. :P Never understood the window thing myself... the motherboard doesn't need to see out, and there's nothing going on in there worth looking at. I prefer my cases to be just plain, quiet black, and save all the flash for the monitor.

  4. To you, my friend, I have but two words:

    Blinky Ram!