iPad Powered School Wants Their Laptops Back



Tablets are great fun and add a uniquely touchy-feely new way for interacting with your media. As productivity devices… eh, not so much. Ideally you want the right tool for the right job. It’s like removing a screw with a pair of pliers. Yeah, it’s technically possible, but…

U.K. computer magazine site PC Pro was contacted recently by a local ICT coordinator at a secondary school where the staff had undergone the the switch from conventional PC laptops to iPads.

“He tells how his “image-conscious” headmaster was seduced by a scheme that allowed all the school’s staff to replace their laptop computers with an iPad 2.

Our source says staff were initially thrilled at the prospect. “Most staff are IT illiterate and jumped at the chance of exchanging their laptop for an iPad,” he writes.

Now, however: “the staff room is full of regret.”

What’s gone wrong? The biggest obstacle is that staff still cling to old documents and resources created in software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and of course there aren’t fully-fledged versions of the Office apps available for the iPad as yet. “Some staff are needing to produce documents and resources by remoting in [to a PC] on an iPad,” our source reveals. “Trying to operate Microsoft Word using a remote app that dumps you out of the connection is a nightmare.”

Staff are also having problems transferring work to their devices. “One of the biggest problems is the storage, since you can’t connect USB memory sticks to it,” our teacher writes, adding that staff are now experimenting with Dropbox to get documents on their tablets, which raises inevitable questions about data security.”

Check out the full article at PC Pro.


  1. Love the analogy w/ the screwdriver. So true! I don't understand the thinking behind this. Did everyone at least get the keyboard additions to hook up to their ipads? Or were they supposed to use their touch screens to write papers?!

    1. The original article doesn't make explicit mention of keyboards, but does mention that they ordered Apple TV's for airplaying presentation, so I imaging they got some accessories like keyboards as well. At least I hope so ;)

      Thanks for reading!