Rapturous Life Sized Statues of Bioshock’s Big Daddy and Little Sister on eBay

bioshock big daddy little sister statuesHouse feel a little empty these days? Missing the pitter-patter of little feet accompanied by the sickeningly squishy sounds of an Adam gathering syringe being plunged into corpses? Need the bellowing, mechanical whale song of one of gaming’s most iconic and terrifying enemies to serenade you to sleep? Well, you’re out of luck because these amazing life-sized recreations of Big Daddy and Little Sister from gaming masterpiece, Bioshock, don’t make any noise. Fret not, dear readers. What these icons of awesome lack in racket, they more than make up for in awe-inspiring geek cred.

Just in time for that unforgettable Halloween spread you’ve been dreaming of, you get more than seven feet of Big Daddy and over three and a half feet of Little Sister for eBay’s bargain Buy It Now price of $6,490. Shipping is estimated at an additional $1,449. Rapturous!

While we’re dreaming, how much is that Gordon Freeman in the window? The one with the waggley crowbar?

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