3D TV Fails to Jump Out and Grab Viewers

In spite of widespread adoption in big screen movie theaters, 3D television programming has thus far failed to reach out and grab the small screen audience. CBS News is reporting that viewership for 3D television programming is so low that Nielsen's television rating system cannot accurately measure how many people are tuning in. Viewership for any given 3D TV broadcast is estimated to be about 115,000 simultaneous viewers. There are nearly 7 million 3D capable sets in U.S. homes.

The article goes on to site a phone poll by Leichtman Research Group in its attempt to seek answers. Out of the 1300 U.S. users polled, 38% gave 3D a score of 3 or less out of 10. Only 19% scored 3D as an 8 or higher.

Source: CBS News


  1. 3d TVs came out too close to LCD TVs... a lot of people spent a lot of money buying new HDTVs and didn't want to piss that way by buying the next thing... and wearing glasses isn't all that much fun.

    Plus, since most '3d' things are poorly done anyway, it's really not worth the extra expense and trouble. Very few movies are done in true 3d; most of them are 'real 3d' which is the equivalent of sticking a few blank layers between the background and the foreground to give it 'depth'. That's why most of them suck... They don't HAVE to, but it's cheaper to do it that way...

  2. Absolutely. All great points. It didn't help that the LCD shutter glasses implementation of 3D, previously experimented on in the PC world, is a horribly uncomfortable experience.

    TV makers are really pushing gimmicks these days. The smartphone market demonstrated, for good or ill, that people will buy incrementally upgraded machines year after year. TV makers want a piece of that. They're just gonna keep throwing every half-baked idea at the wall to see what sticks.

    3D TV in inevitable (Yay!), but it is going to take manufacturers of both devices and content to truely care about delivering a quality experience.