Happy 1st Birthday to Apple’s Siri! | Weekend Watchlist

siri-birthdayOctober 4th marks the date that Apple’s snarky little personal assistant made its public debut with the iPhone 4S. The Siri application is designed to answer questions, make recommendations, and generally fetch data from a number of Internet sources using a natural language interface that let’s people talk to their pocket computer. While perhaps not the perfect implementation of voice recognition people have dreamed of, Siri gave us a real life handful of magic previously only dreamed of in science fiction.

In this edition of the Weekend Watchlist, we take the time to celebrate one year of this wondrous little piece of software in traditional birthday roasting fashion. We’ll coo over videos of baby Siri, tell stories of its most embarrassing moments, and parade around celebrities.

Frist up, we’ve got baby pictures! Like many people, Siri lies about its age. The original Siri app from Siri, Inc., launched in February 2010, a far cry from Siri’s October 2011 claims. Siri was a smash success leading to acquisition by Apple in April of 2010. The original Siri app would be pulled from iTunes on October 15th, shortly after its debut as an iOS 5 feature . The servers required for the voice translation were shut down on the same day, meaning that even existing owners of the app were left Siri-less. While there was no technical reason, Apple refused to include the new version of Siri in the iOS 5 update, reserving it as a ‘killer feature’ of its iPhone 4S and newer devices.

Here is a Siri, Inc.’s video overview of that original application.

Aw, so cute! It hadn’t even learned to talk yet.

Of course, when Siri did start talking, things got interesting.

Yeah, you think that’s bad, wait until you see what iPhones sound like gossiping together behind your back.

Siri is also a good family member. Here it is spending time with one of her elders, the Mac 512k.

Cute, sassy, dutiful offspring, and master pianist. Wait, what?

Well, that was pretty darn impressive. Surely Siri is out of surprises, right? Wrong! Apple’s little AI assistant is also multilingual. Here’s a montage of the many voices and languages of Siri.

Wow, so many languages! Is there anyone Siri doesn’t understand? Yeah, Scots. But do any of us?

Well, maybe it’s just that guy, right? I mean, all of his iPhone text is mirrored! This calls for real reporting. Send in the BBC!

Surely you didn’t think we’d go without some big name guests at a celebrity birthday party. First up,  Apple co-founder Steve ‘The Wizard of Woz’ Wozniak!

…and what’s a party without Robin Williams!

So, Siri is undoubtedly one of the iPhone’s killer apps. At least figuratively. Usually. In the following video, Nathan and Andrew discover an abandoned iPhone that contains a literal killer app.

Finally, we blow out the candles on this Weekend Watchlist with a little birthday song from YouTube song-a-day sensation Jonathan Mann. Happy Birthday Siri!

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