Humble eBook Bundle Adds 5 New Webcomics Including Penny Arcade–Name Your Own Price and Support Charity

humble ebook bundleHumble Bundle is back with something new! This time they’re not brandishing a bag full of games, but books!

For the usual limited time, you have the chance to pick up six great indie books for whatever it’s worth to you (Spoiler alert: This is a $52 value). While nabbing yourself some great new adventures, you’ll also also be helping charity! A portion of your purchase goes to Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). What portion? You decide! You name the price, set the split, nab the goodies, and feel good!

Up for grabs for a price only you know are six titles: Pirate Cinema, Pump Six, Zoo City, Invasion, Stranger Things happen, and Magic for Beginners. If you pay more than the average bundle buyer ($13.51 while I write this), you’ll get two more ebooks: Signal to Noise, and Old Man’s War.

Update: Five new web comic collections have just been added to the bundle if you pay more than t he average: Penny Arcade’s Attack of the Bacon Robots and Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings; two volumes from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal including Save Yourself, Mammal! and The Most Dangerous Game; and intelligent humor extravaganza xkcd: volume 0! This brings the total value of the collection to $157!

humble ebook bundle bonusAll of you’re new book club favorites come in multiple formats (PDF, ePub, and MOBI) so you’re set no matter if you use a Kindle, iPad, or good ol’ computer. As with all Humble Bundle features, these are DRM free for the least hassle possible.

Seriously, if you’ve never gone in on a Humble Bundle before because they were games, it’s great fun and a great feeling. Pick your price and choose how your cash is split between the authors, charity, and the guys paying to run the site. Humble Bundle doesn’t even take your credit card info as all payments are processed through your choice of Amazon, Google, or PayPal. Your purchases can be downloaded again and again whenever you need to whichever device your using. You can even send a book bundle to your favorite reader as a gift code!

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