Watch Microsoft’s Launch of Windows 8 for PCs and Tablets

MICROSOFT-WINDOWS8/Did you miss the Microsoft keynote for the launch of Windows 8 yesterday? Yeah, me too. Fortunately the good ol’ Intertubes got our backs. MS put on a pretty good show and there’s a ton of silicon based computer porn even if you’re already un-sold the Redwood’s new touchy-feely take on Windows (flip-top touchscreen ultrabooks!)

The bad news is that this video is encoded in Silverlight, Microsoft’s home-grown video spec, so some devices won’t have access. There should be a fallback to HTML5, but I don’t have a lot of experience with Silverlight. (I don’t think anyone outside of Microsoft does, LOL). Worse, the bloody thing seems intent on autoplaying itself no matter what so I had to hide it behind that page jump. Cross your fingers and click through for our handy embedded version.

Super Geeky Silverlight Rant: I couldn’t find a command line operator to not have this thing autoplay! A quick Bing search (Hey, it’s in the spirit of the event!) seems to indicate that the autoplay attribute is set when you encode the video. I mean… that can’t be right?! That’s just not sane! Here’s hoping I’m missing something. Whatever… Enjoy the show.

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  1. I like the flip top and the keyboard. Apple should just take those ideas, thank Mircrosoft for its imput and then ask that they let the big dogs do the real men work!