Higgs-Boson Hoedown! God Particle Data Reimagined as Music

Two subatomic particles walk into a bar. What do you think they put on the jukebox? Maybe it’s this little ditty!

The above tune is the work of composer and particle physicist Domenico Vicinanza who has taken CERN’s data plots gathered by the Large Hadron Supercollider concerning the existence of the Higgs-Boson particle and set it to music! Vicinanza explains:

“In order to take a subatomic particle like the Higgs Boson and convert it into a melody, to notes, what we do is basically take the data and associate with each one of the numeric values a single note on a score. Melody is following basically exactly the same behavior the scientific data is showing. So when the piano starts playing, you can hear some really really high pitched notes…. They are the signature of the Higgs Boson melody and they are corresponding to a peak in the scientific draft research has shown at CERN.”

And just like that, Domenico created what may very well be the nerdiest piece of music ever! For more on the method behind the melody, check out his interview with PRI’s The World.

Benjamin Doyle further reinterpreted Vicinanza’s basic melody and created the following expanded composition:

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