Entertainment Weekly’s Hi-Tech Magazine Ad is Actually a Cell Phone Stuck Between Two Pages

EW CW ad teardownThe latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine contains a hi-tech advertisement for the CW television network. The ad itself is really something, playing full-motion video and displaying live Tweets about the shows. Even more amazing is the technology powering this limited edition commercial: A Chinese Blackberry knockoff.

ABO 3G QweryWhen Mashable got a hold of one of these limited, 1000 copy run magazines, they did what any geek would do. They tore it apart to see how it worked. Little were they expecting to find a fully functional, Android based, Blackberry clone. The CW ad phone actually has a speaker, camera, keyboard, USB port, the full version of Android 2.13, and a T-Mobile SIM card. It even makes phone calls! Checking the serial number of the mainboard, the cellphone cum magazine ad is actually the ABO 3G QWERTY.

So, how cheap is it to make a cellular phone? So cheap that it’s worth using for a one-off magazine ad. Safe to say that this is one mag you don’t want in your paper recycling pile (especially with that li-on battery!). Watch Mashable’s full teardown of Entertainment Weekly below.

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