SOE’s Free FPS MMO Planetside 2 Locked and Loaded for November 20 Release

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F2P FPS MMO PS2 RTM OMG! Sony Online Entertainment’s ambitious open-world online shooter Planetside 2 has just been cleared for a November 20th takeoff. Imagine a dozen Battlefield games stitched together in a three-way turf war for sci-fi Australia and you kinda get the idea.

I’ve been playing the beta version of PS2 for a couple weeks, along with GUO’s ‘Fifth Beatle’, Brandon, and, lemme tell ya, if you have any love for online shooters this is a spectacle you can’t miss. Whether you’re rumbling across the desert in an armored column while fighters and dropships soar overhead on a continent wide crusade or one of a handful of dudes hunting prey behind enemy lines in some far-flung outpost, Planetside deftly delivers first-person shooting on a scale not seen before. There’s even a day/night cycle to keep things interesting. Just pack a piece of humble pie. Life is cheap in Planetside and bullets are even cheaper. At least for those primates still using bullets. Being the haughtiest of the hi-tech, Growing Up Otaku rolls in hover tanks and kills with the battery powered laser rifles of the Vanu Sovereignty. Eat purple colored green tech infidels! VS weaponry: Kill your foes, not the environmentWinking smile

Find out more, pre-register, or buy your way into the beta test at

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