Feed Your Hunger for Hello Kitty with H.Kit, The Pork Pie

Another day, another Sanrio marketing tie in. This one is import only and sure to leave you hungry for more!

hello kitty buns

Now appearing in Circle K and Sunkus stores all over Japan is this limited edition Hello Kitty meat bun! The delectable delight is now available for ¥150 (about $2) in a limited run of 1.5million scrumptious snacks and come complete with a Hello Kitty riddle wrapper. These beautiful bow bearing buns are packed with the piggy goodness of pork, onion, and soy sauce (think wonton filling).

Since Google Translate is a non-stop laugh riot, here’s a transcription of Gigazine’s mouths-on first taste.

hello kitty bun wrapper“The form is any good pictures of the street look. I So, buy today. Like this, your face properly Kitty I plump Looking out of the wrapping paper. Tsubura eyes staring at me. Is also a beard. Firmly reproduced any part of the ribbon. Hello Kitty hand ride. Visually pretty, certainly too good to eat”

For the original, unbutchered article and a ton more pictures, be sure to check out Gigazine.