How Toxic Your Cell Phone? 36 Phones Ranked Including iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III

ToxicPhoneRatingsEnvironmental researchers at teamed up with the disassembly experts at iFixit to discover exactly how toxic your cell phone is to Mother Earth. Each of the devices was taken apart and subjected to X-ray fluorescence to determine the chemical composition of all those hi-tech dooey-whatzits is your pocket palls. The results were then complied into the handy, color coded list you see here.

It is estimated that 82% of electronics end up in landfills. While e-waste may account for as little as 5% of landfill contents, it may be responsible for 80% of poisonous heavy metals. matins a list of where you can recycle your old devices.

For a full breakdown on how these scores were determined, check out HealthyStuff’s methodology PDF here.

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