The 12 Geeks of Christmas (Decorations)

In spite of our insular nature and desire to reside to remain secluded in dark, Dorito filled techno-caves, Christmas is a wonderful time for geeks. It is a time when friends and family members, occupied with their brick-n-mortar shopping bonanzas and holiday baking, are too busy to take notice when when we slip out to the workshop for a little DIY decorating. Nothing is off limits and even the neighbors can’t complain as the ‘Spirit of the Season’ shields even the most adventurous gadgeteers from petty social concerns such as ‘taste’ or ‘safety’.

Today, Growing Up Otaku salutes these inspired inventors and ambitious artists in our 12 Geeks of Christmas Decorations Special!

2011 cthuhlu treeElders first! Coming to us from Archie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of Awesome is this terrifically tentacled tree.  Sporting a plush Cthuhlu and 50 tentacles, this display best represents the madness of the season.Fa La La La Fhtagn!


You may remember YouTuber kumbaric from his previously featured Guitar Hero Christmas light display. Well, he’s back with a whole new game. Check out this year’s interactive Angry Birds spread!


Proving that size isn’t everything (Yay! I mean… um… not that I’d know) YunaStrife at DeviantArt was kind enough to share this pint sized partridge protector positively packed with Pokémon and a passel of other anime heroes. Click through for a better look and see how many you can name!

My Anime Christmas Tree by *YunaStrife on deviantART


Instructable’s member fjordcarver has thoughtfully put together an entire walkthrough on how to build your very own animatronic talking Christmas tree! fjordcarver has even augmented this original project with a second helping of awesome to make in voice interactive. It can now tell you the time, weather, and jokes!


You know those piles of old techno doo-dads you’ve got piled up all over the place? Instructables has a great guide on turning all that e-waste into shiny new decorations for your tree.

ewaste xmas decorations


AwesomeHouseLights has, what else, some awesome house lights. This time it is a synchronized display to a tune we’re all very familiar with: The theme to Skyrim. I used to make Christmas displays like this… Then I took an arrow in the knee.


Ya know what the holiday season never has enough of? Giant atomic powered monsters! Back in 2000, the Aqua City Odaiba mall crafted this jaw dropping Godzilla Christmas Tree. Granted, this has been floating around for a while, but it just wouldn’t be the holidays without the big guy. Kudos to InventorSpot for their great retrospective on this Internet standby.




Not content with a mere Christmas light display, White’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake, Texas went all out in creating this amazing 3D projection display. Using an arsenal of projectors, speakers, and computers White’s Chapel is running this show nightly from 6:30-8:30 PM every night through December 24th.


From Spanish architecture studio A-cero comes this beautiful outdoor Christmas tree. Designed for the offices of Mutua Madrileña, this sculpture was made by overlaying a steel structure with aluminum pipes, wire, and strings of LED lights.







Speaking of amazing architecture, let’s check out the 30-foot tall LEGO Christmas Tree over in LegoLand California. Tony Hawk was on hand to help ol’ Saint Nick light up the grand structure for the first time last year.



Next we turn to Andre’s Corner as he begins the arduous task of untangling and troubleshooting his spectacular collection of Star Trek Christmas lights.


Finally, not all displays need be physical in nature. For a little virtual holiday cheer, we tune in to noah2k1 on YouTube as he, together with Austin and Brandon, bring us their very merry Christmas special from within the world of Minecraft.

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