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robotic-bugs-023We has two notable items posted on the blog this week. First, our very own Out of This World Weekly space tech columnist, Louis Jorgl, debuted his first video production with The Technology Report discussing our future with robotics. Secondly, we bid a teary-eyed farewell to NASA’s first spidernaut, Nefertiti. Growing Up Otaku salutes both of these momentous events in this Weekend Watchlist by unceremoniously smashing them together. Join us now as we bust out the magnifying glass and gawk at the strange world of robotic insects.


Our first feature takes us back more than four years to Robert Wood’s amazing robotic flies from the Museum of Modern Art’s “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibit.


Also in 2008, scientists backed by the European Union were hard at work on a more hive-centric form of robotic critter.

We’ve come a long way in the past four years. Just to get a little meta, let’s mash-up the last two topics in our mashed up topical Watchlist and… Um… I think I just confused myself. Anywho, here’s a bunch of flying, hive-minded robots all working together.

But why? And, more interestingly, how? For some knowy-wots, we turn to Vijay Kumar.

…and we’re just scratching the surface. Check out this fantastic round up of the state-of-the-icky robotic insect.

While many are seeking to improve on nature’s designs for nanobots, researchers over at the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (better known as DARPA) have decided it would just be faster and cheaper to pervert existing life forms to serve our needs. Like this bionic beetle.

Of course beetles aren’t the only creepy-crawly to be rigged out with bionic implants for use in surveillance. Robo Roaches anyone?

Here’s a great feature from Reuters on the Rescue Robo Roach.

Now what happens if we flip the script? In a vision of a future apocalypse too horrific to have ever been through of before, gaze upon a robot controlled entirely by a cockroach.

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