A Festival of Geeky Christmas Lights | Weekend Watchlist

r2d2 christmas lightsSubtlety? Bah. Good taste? Bah. A Jedi craves not these things. We’re going big and flashy on this edition of the Weekend Watchlist. Join us as we brighten the neighborhood with a geektastic festival of lights!
As is current fashion online, all roads lead to Gangnam Style. Here’s a synched Christmas light show choreographed to the famous tune.

While many are hopping on the Gangnam train, we here are GUO have out own Christmas theme.

Passive watching for entertainment is soooo 20th century. Let’s get our game on! Grab your slingshot and get ready for a little Angry Birds.

Not an artilery game fan, eh? Then grab that plastic Strat and get ready to rock out with Guitar Hero.

Whew! That song always ties my fingers up in knots. Okay, let’s go back to some passive entertainment for a while.

Few people do up the ol’ Xmas lights quite like the Guernsey County Courthouse in Cambridge, Ohio. Here’s a sample of their 2012 presentation.

LED technology really let’s people go all out on light displays without popping fuses left and right. It’s hard not to go overboard with 18 foot tall Santas and 25,000 lights. Of course, not everyone is thrilled with this latest excuse for overindulgence.

Now that’s fighting fire with fire!

So maybe after all these displays you’re itching to set one up for yourself. While most of the displays we’ve looked at are computer controlled, Mitchell Durham got down to basics and rigged up an equalizer, some solid state relays, and the hobbyist darling Arduino to build a rig that synchs up to any music source. Check out these articles on HackaDay and his webpage for more info.

Looking for something more simple? TinkerNut shows us a down n’ dirty way to use a relay and some old PC speakers to make your Christmas lights flash in time to the music.

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