RGB Classic Games Brings DOS Emulation to Your Web Browser

rgbgamesWell, wonders never cease. RGB Classic Games (available online at ClassicDosGames.com) has taken all your old gaming buddies from yesteryear and bundled ‘em up with DOSbox and a little Java magic, and brought them to your favorite browser window.

This nostalgic treasure trove brings back all those old memories in their CGA/EGA/VGA glory. Travel back to a time when floppy disks were floppy and online meant dialing into a BBS with popular favorites like the original shareware versions of Doom, Duke Nuke’em, Abuse, Zork, Rise of the Triad, and 300 more. You’ll even find a selection of titles that have since been released as freeware such as One Must Fall 2097 and ZZT. Relive the RTS magic of Warcraft before there was World involved. Behold Lucasarts’ reinvention of the adventure game with Loom. Puzzle over the fact that no one could create a good sequel to Alone in the Dark. Check out the polygonal pectorals of Lara Croft in her very first tomb raid. Marvel at the fact that many titles sported more hours of gameplay in their free, demo versions than some modern $60 releases.

Warm up the Java applet, pop some Guns N’ Roses into the ol’ cassette player, and head on over to ClassicDosGames.com.

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  1. Brandon: Well I guess we have just entered the Twilight Zone!!