Stop the Spread of Holiday Cheer with Garden Gnome Carnage

Let’s get our holiday Flash gaming on!GARDEN GNOME CARNAGE

While Kongregate user M3nTo5 gives the most succinct review of Garden Gnome Carnage:

At first I was wtf. But then I was wtf.

I’ll try my best to do this awesome game justice. You see, they bring Christmas. You hate Christmas. Fortunately, your house is on wheels and you’re a lawn gnome on a bungee cord tied to the chimney. Roll your house from side to side to get swinging and knock those jolly elves out of the sky, off of your house, and into the netherworld. Spacebar lets you pull bricks off your home and chuck ‘em as makeshift projectiles, but pull too many and your house will get shorter. Don’t forget to let the cat in! The shift key calls in handy-dandy airstrikes for when things get out of hand. And then there’s Emma, but we’re not gonna talk about the bonus round.

Garden Gnome Carnage is great fun. Play it for free at in your favorite Flash enabled browser.


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