Deal! Cthulhu Christmas Calendar is Free for iOS Today

cthulhu christmasDecember is a maddening time of the year. You got the crazy shopping, insane decorating, nerve-racking family visits, and upsetting bankruptcy paperwork all crammed into a 31-day period were everyone is expected to be nice and love one another. In such mind rending times, why not commit to a quiet minute each morning with the original gods of madness, Cthulhu and Friends?

Cthulhu Christmas Calendar comes to us from Red Wasp Design, the folks behind the turn-based tactical iOS game Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land. In this new advent calendar app you’ll greet each new day with a shriek as Big C, Nyarlathotep, and all their crazy buddies greet you with adorably insane artwork and break your sanity with a bit of trivia from the H.P. Lovecraft created mythos. Best of all, this celebration of Christmas madness is free today!

Do some pointy-clicky over at iTunes and grab Cthulhu Christmas Calendar and Cthulhu Christmas Calendar HD today. You’d be mad not to!

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