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GUO's latest featured anime series is Code: Breaker, This new show is currently airing on Funimation and is based on a manga with the same name..  This shonen style anime packs a punch with a dark story line and plenty of martial arts fighting.

It begins with a high school girl, Sakura Sakurakouji, witnessing a mysterious event on her way home from school one day,  She sees people being burned alive with a blue fire as a boy her age remains unharmed and stands over the people.  She goes back to the scene with the police and there is no sign that this ever happened.  The next day, the boy with the blue fire joins her high school class.   Sakura becomes obsessed with finding out what is going on and follows the mysterious boy named Rei Ogami around to try to learn more about him.  As the story develops, she learns that he is the sixth "Code: Breaker" and is a member of a team of assassins working for the government.

Rei Ogami has a very cold personality .  As an assassin, he is very detached and has no qualms about killing.  This contrasts Sakura, who is a warm, caring, young girl who feels that killing is wrong.  Sakura wants to stop Ogami from killing people.  She wants him to find another solution when stopping evil.

As the story unfolds in a roller coaster fashion, surprise and betrayal are always just around the corner.  The story keeps moving and twisting as it goes. Each episode brings another new discovery that will make you look forward to the next episode to see what it will bring.  Good and Evil are not so clear in this story.  The lines blur as one questions the actions of Ogami, the antihero of this story. Code :Breaker delves into the morality of killing and what is a good reason to kill or is there a good reason to kill?

The art style is sharp with a modern look to it.  The animation flows well with the fast past action of the story.      The result brings a realism to the overall feeling to the show.

Code: Breaker is subtitled only right now on Funimation.  It is a new show that has some exciting, fast paced episodes.

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