Blisteringly Fast Free-to-Play Sci-Fi MOBA-ish Action-RTS AirMech Live Streamed | Twitchy Tuesday


Well, that certainly was an awkward title. But how best to describe F2P indie strategy shooter AirMech? Depending on how many gray hairs your sporting, this next statement will find you either squealing for joy or scrambling for Wikipedia.

Remember Herzog Zwei on the Sega Genesis? Airmech is that game! But online! And free!

Taking control of the titular vehicle, a giant robot that can transform into an aircraft, players build tanks, rocket launchers, and infantry and airlift them across a cavernous map to capture bases and blow up the other team’s HQ. Pulling aspects from a myriad of genres like real-time strategy, twin-stick shooters, and massive online battle arenas, Airmech is a carefully crafted  whirlwind of twitchy tactics. With solo, co-op, and competitive multiplayer, there’s a whole bunch to look at.

And look we did! The live show is over now but you can relive all the arcade strategy as Elizabeth, Lou, and Brandon join yours truly for this thorough look at this genre defying indie game via the YouTube video below.

You can try AirMech for yourself for free at Carbon Games, Steam, or the Chrome Web Store.

You can catch up on all of our previous video projects, including Twitchy Tuesdays, on the Growing Up Otaku YouTube channel.

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