Ride the Lightning with Tesla Coil Musical Performances | Weekend Watchlist

SONY DSCMake sure you’re properly insulated, because lightning is striking all over this edition of the Weekend Watchlist! We’re busting out the electronica and steampunky lightning throwers as GUO goes in search of musical performances powered by lightning bolt throwing Tesla coils. With some of these machines sparking off at more than 500,000 volts, there’s no stopping ‘till we hit 1.21 gigawatts!

Our first stop is the Temple of Tesla concert where the Tesla Orchestra is throwing down with The Primordial Booze.


Next, we head out to the end of the world festival known as Burning Man for this shocking 2011 performance.

Here’s ArcAttack with an electrifying rendition of a very familiar TV theme song.

Of course some of you may already be familiar with ArcAttack. They actually got a gig on TV for the show “Amercia’s Got Tallent” in 2010. It’s also a great excuse for me to listen to Iron Man again. Apologies to the Mrs.

While most of the acts here use electricity to augment the theatrical side of a musical performance, Merce Death replaced his guitar amp with a pair of Tesla coils and used the lightning to create the sound itself. Here he is trying out the first draft.

…and after a little tweaking, Merce is ready to rock a very appropriate tune from a very appropriate band.

Eric Goodchild has one heck of a knack at building and performing with hi-tech instruments. Be sure to swing by his YouTube page for mind-frying vids of Tesla keyboards, laser harps, and robot drums.

Mellowed out? Good. Let’s raise the rhythm as we bolt into the home stretch of this shocking Watchlist with the Boston Museum of Science.

Now that you’re in the mood to run and jump, it’s off to the 2011 San Mateo Maker Faire for a little Nintendo fun.

Finally, we pop the breaker on this overcharged Weekend Watchlist with the electrifying video everyone’s watching. Sporting over 3.2million views in less than a week, here’s The Lords of Lightning from the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival.


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