14 Year-Old MMO EverQuest Preps to Release Its 19th Expansion

everquestSo, how ya doing today? Feeling young and spry? Goodness knows the grandfather of massively multiplayer online role-playing games sure is! Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is now taking preorders on the NINETEETH expansion pack, Rain of Fear, for the FOURTEEN year-old MMO RPG EverQuest. Yup, that EverQuest. No “II”, no “Next”, just good ol’ classic EQ. This upcoming expansion marks the 20th digital volume in the EverQuest saga!

The figures about what this expansion brings to the well-trodden land of Norrath is almost as shocking as the continuing legacy of EQ itself:

  • Level cap increase to 100
  • 1800 new spells
  • 3500 new items
  • 3000 new recipes
  • 110 new quests
  • 13 new raids
  • 9 new zones
  • 19 new missions

Also of note is the “continued opportunity to kill off Halflings”. Woo-hoo!

Think no-one is still interested in this game that created the foundation for online gaming before anyone ever put a World in front of Warcraft? You’re dead wrong. Brace yourself to be shocked full of shock with more electrifying numbers! Since a transition to free-to-play earlier this year EverQuest has seen a 150% increase in unique log-ins and Norrath’s population at any given moment 40% more than last year. New user registration is up a whopping 350%.

While you can get in on all the EverQuesting goodness, from the original content all the way through the 18th expansion, for the bargain price of free, the upcoming Rain of Fear pack will set you back $40-60.

Get more details and preorder Rain of Fear here or freely jump into the other 19 parts of EverQuest here.

Feeling nostalgic? Below is the original, long since removed, intro video from the first release of EverQuest in 1999.

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