Leftover Turkey | Weekend Watchlist

Tired of turkey? Tough! This Weekend Watchlist we’re talkin’ turkey ‘bout turkeys!

First stop, The White House where President Obama  grants the traditional Thanksgiving pardon to Cobbler, this years Thanksgiving entre’. This video is the official release video from the U.S. Government.

So, how did your Thanksgiving go? Any complications or problems? Well, Isoyoda2 and her family sure had some issues getting their turkey prepped for for cooking. In the grandest tradition of classic YouTube,  travel with me to Joe Everybody’s kitchen and enjoy one of those logistical failures that’s funny then it happens to someone else.

Deep frying turkey has become quite a fad over the past few years. One of the many, many problems with this method is knowing exactly when the oil is hot enough to put your bird in. YouTuber tobian226 thinks he has found the perfect method: Wait until the flames are a foot tall.

Short of setting your house on fire, like in the above video, one of the most dramatic ways to deep fry a turkey is at night with a panicky mom running the camera.

Of course it doesn’t take a fire hazard to ruin dinner. Here’s a fine example of a perfectly good dinner that was crammed into entirely too small of a roaster and the trials and tribulations of turning.

Finally, we travel to, punnilly enough, Turkey to learn that it is important to look all THREE ways before crossing the street.


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