Denied Free Music, Pirate Wages War on Piracy

pirate warLast weekend an individual going by the handle of Zeiko began his crusade to take pirate torrent trackers offline. While Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against pirate torrent trackers are nothing new, Zeiko’s case certainly is. A far cry from the usual copyright protection agencies, this botnet bombardier appears to be a jilted pirate. Torrent Freak explains:

“A person using the nickname Zeiko is claiming responsibility for the DDoS action, which was initially intended to force staff into giving out an invite.

Zeiko joined IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to convince site staff that he already had an account, but when the admins couldn’t find any record of it in the database Zeiko turned his anger on the site.

“ is now being under DDoS attack until I get my invite,” he wrote in’s IRC channel.

Zeiko threatening in IRC

While these kinds of threats are not uncommon, this one proved to be serious when became unreachable.

Later the same user started a Twitter account using the handle “Zeiko Anonymous” announcing the “Piracy DDoSes” with as the first target.”

Zeiko’s DDoS attacks continued against alleged pirate sites like IPTorrents, HDBits, The Vault, SceneAccess, BroadcastTheNet, bitsnoop,, isoHunt, and even The Pirate Bay. Zeiko’s Twitter page currently displays imagery of people in Guy Fawkes masks, the symbol of hacktivist group Anonymous, and sports the description “Follow me to a journey of justice: DDoS attacks on Piracy Websites (daily). HATE PIRACY.. HATE TORRENTS..”

So… Fed or fanatic? Hooligan or honey pot? Undercover white hat or underage dunce cap? Is it a trap or just stupid? Zeiko, come on down! You’re the next contestant on the Internet’s favorite new game show “Jar Jar or Ackbar”.


  1. Seems kind of like suing to get your job back. Even if it works, nobody is going to want you there... I vote Jar Jar.

  2. Why only Jar Jar or Ackbar? I'd say Hondo Ohnaka, a pirate that only looked out for his own interests and wasn't affiliated with other larger bands of pirates. He was willing to betray or work for any side that would benefit him. Though this guy isn't going to be as lucky as Hondo was.