LEGO: The Lord of the Rings Live Stream | Twitchy Tuesday

LEGOLOTRThe cast of Growing Up Otaku had a blast during our Scribblenauts live stream last week that we’re doing it again! The streaming part that is. This week we’re taking a look at what happens when two well loved yet well worn franchises splice genes. Spoiler alert: Great fun! We were so impressed with Traveler’s Tales latest LEGO title that we’re bringing it to you live. We’ve ironed out the bugs from our maiden broadcast, added some new tech, and caffeinated the hamsters running our equipment, so this should be a much smoother (and more accessible) show.

Join The Mrs. and myself as we embark on an epic quest to collect uncountable numbers of LEGO studs and chuck jewelry at volcanoes in this perfectly plastic, family-friendly retelling of the Tolkien classic.

The show is over, but you can catch a recording of our live play through of The Two Towers after the page break. In this episode you’ll find out that Brandon makes us hungry for Chinese food, Elizabeth indiscriminately wields the ban hammer, and bragging about your Internet connection live causes it to die.

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