Funimation Streaming Sengoku Basara Movie ‘The Last Party’ Before You Can Buy It

sengoku basaraFunimation continues its trend of giving away the goods just prior to the release of new movies on disk. Sengoku Basara: The Last Party is now streaming free and legal on YouTube in celebration of its upcoming November 6th DVD and Blu-ray release .

This third chapter of the Sengoku Basara series brings the boys back for one final war culminating in the legendary battle of Sekigahara, the beginning of the end to Japan’s feudal Warring States era.

I must admit to having been surprisingly taken with Sengoku Basara. It’s a testosterone fueled take on Japanese history where horses have handlebars and a samurai wielding six swords at once can destroy buildings with a single hit. The beautiful art, especially by television series standards, certainly doesn’t hurt. With its absurdly overpowered hero battles and real-world history twisted into heavy metal madness, Sengoku Basara feels more at home with the anime classics of the ‘90s than most of today’s features as it revels in its own cheesiness for the sake of over-the-top spectacle. While this third chapter may not make much sense to series newcomers, it is sure to satisfy those craving super powered manly men hitting each other with metal sticks.

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