Your Brain Sounds Like Free Jazz Piano Music

Soon to be performing in a coffee shop near you, give it up for Your Brain!

journal.pone.0049773.g008Chinese researchers have measured and translated the pip-pop-dzop of your gray matter’s brainwaves into music fans of future jazz are sure to be clamoring for. In 2009, the international open access research journal PLOS ONE took a stab (figuratively) at translating EEG readings into music. This new attempt doubles down on the data by combining readings from both an EEG and fMRI. This new EEG-fMRI music better reflects the actual workings of the human brain. It is hoped that the analysis of brain based music can be used to further unravel the mysteries of the mind and could be useful in new bio-feedback therapies.

This is the 30 second performance of Subject A  (a 31-year-old woman) at rest.

And this lively ditty is 30 seconds of Subject B’s (a 14-year-old girl) brain at rest.

Subject C (a 2-year-old female) would not rest and instead responded with a song that went something like “But I don’t waaannaaaaa!”

For the full, educated explanation as to the science and methodology behind this experiment or to download MP3s of this mind made music, check out the full article on PLOS ONE.

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