Play Cameraman from Atop a F1 Race Car in this 360 Panoramic Video

F1 360 cameraThere’s no doubting the allure of F1 racers to speed freaks. There’s just a couple of problems. 1) The horrific expense and 2) the almost certain chance of horrific death in the hands of a rookie. Fortunately, Red Bull has come up with a way to get a virtual taste of these temperamental machines without you needing to update your will.

While mounting cameras on race cars is certainly nothing new, Making View’s new ViewCam gives users the the ability to choreograph their own take on the action. Weighing in at a mere 600 grams (about 21 ounces), this petite camera captures a full 360 degrees of video. The extreme sport junkies at Red Bull were more than happy to take this little ball-shaped camera crew out for a spin in one of their race cars. The results are stunning and it takes nothing more than Flash plug-in and the tap of an arrow key a to get any angle imaginable.

Play with the camera for yourself at Red Bull.

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