NASA Can Text or Email You When the Space Station is Overhead

issOh, what a world we live in! Not only do we have a flying science lab built by people all around the world spinning around 200 miles above the ground, but now you can sign up to be notified exactly when it will be over your house with just a couple clicks.

Spot the Station is NASA’s new service that will clue you in on exactly when and where to turn you gaze to the sky for a glimpse at the International Space Station. They’ll even make sure you only get notified of “good” sighting opportunities by making sure the ISS is a viewable position and for enough time to see it. Alerts can be sent to your choice of email addresses or texted to your phone via SMS.

Think the ISS can’t be seen from the ground? Think again! The Space Station is the third brightest object in the sky and actually looks like a high flying plane from the ground.

Get more information or sign up at Don’t feel like waiting? Try NASA’s interactive Photosynth of the ISS here.

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