Online F2P Mech Shooter Hawken Giving Out Beta Codes With Download of Free Comic

Hawken-Screenshot-11Okay, let’s see how much free we can freely pack into this free posting…

Long awaited free-to-play giant robot shooter Hawken is boarding the dropship for a December 12th deployment. In the meantime, they’re upping the ante with a comic adaptation of the game’s backstory in Hawken: Genesis. Because, ya know, we all need justification to jump-jet around in giant robots shooting people. Developer Adhesive Games (sticky!) has teamed up with digital comic distributor ComiXology (spelled funny!) to offer the first issue of this stomp-tastic new story for free. As a bonus, downloaders of the digital funny pages will find a code for access to the final stage of Hawken’s closed beta starting on November 20th.

ComiXology is a free service and available for Android, iOS, or on the web. A unified logon even allows you to take your collection across devices. The Mrs’ and I have used the service and have nothing but good things to say about it.

So, sign up for a free, cross-platform digital publication service and get a free comic with a free code for beta access to a free game. Just in time for the holiday bankruptcy!