How To Create Your Own eBook from Wikipedia

To know Wikipedia is to love Wikipedia. Jimbo Wales’ non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, in conjunction with We the Internet, has provided a constantly up-to-date free encyclopedia of knowledge that far surpasses anything Britannica could have ever hoped of achieve with it’s $800+ library of paper tomes. Recently Tomasz Finc, Wikimedia’s Director of Mobile, unveiled a new way for users to take a copy of Wikipedia’s vast information store with them: The ability to create your very own books, both electronic and printed.

make wiki ebooksGetting started is easy. In the left sidebar, open the “Print/export” category and select “Create a book”. Click the big, green “Start book creator” button. Now you can search through Wikipedia and tag any articles you want to add by clicking “Add this page to your book” in the Book Creator widget at the top . When you’ve got everything, click “Show book”. Drag and drop articles to arrange them and even make chapters as you desire. Once you’re all organized, select the desired format from the “Download” section and click the button. You can even order a printed version right from the same page.

make wiki ebooks 2

Needless to say, the applications for this function are limitless. Build your own travel guides or movie databases. Print your very own encyclopedia of WWII aircraft or collection of Renaissance artists. The vast library of Wikipedia’s knowledge is at your every whim with just a little pointy-clicky. Head on over to get started with Wikipedia’s new book creator.

This is probably a good time to remind folks that, as we mentioned, Wikipedia is a non-profit charity organization. To keep this treasure trove of information free and clean of advertising they do rely on donations. To chip in a few bucks visit Wikipedia’s donation page.

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