Microsoft Turns the Other Cheek in New Internet Explorer Viral Video

TROLLS---1992-001No one likes trolls. How much of the Internet’s storage space do you think is taken up by the irrational, unproductive ravings of hate mongering forum posters just looking to spoil some fanboy’s fun? I bet it’s a lot! I’m also willing to be that an easy 20% of that would be single line digs at Microsoft’s “Internet Exploder” web browser. Yup, right up there with any mention of the iPhone or a picture of a girl with cat ears. Geez, you’d think nerds of all people would know better.

Now imagine that your day job is hammering away at MS’ publicly ridiculed window to the web. Imagine that you had a chance to create IE’s next viral marketing campaign aimed squarely at those who have wasted gigabytes of data slandering the very app you and your buddies work so hard on. What would you say? Would you give back all the venom you’ve been subjected to, or would you play it Ghandi style? I think it’s safe to say which way most of us would go.

In their latest YouTube video, the team behind Internet Explorer does the unthinkable. The IE dudes take clear aim at the Internet’s most unwelcoming of netizens not with anger or disgust, but acceptance. In the process they reminds us all that it’s okay to change you mind.

In a move of the greatest irony, the caretakers of IE’s YouTube channel have disabled comments for this video, but I guess we all know what they’d say.

On a related note, if you’re one of those classic geeks out there who understands the mystical language of Code, do check out the outrageously funny Karaoke Web Standard from “The Browser You Loved to Hate”.

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